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Salient Features


  • Different services which a citizen can obtain from different Departments will be notified, along with time limit for delivery of such services.
  • For delivery of each service notified, there shall be a Designated Officer to whom the citizen can make an application. The Designated Officer will provide the said service in a time bound manner.
  • In case a citizen is unable to get the said services within the prescribed time limit, he/she may file an appeal before an Appellate Authority. The Appellate Authority will consider the case and pass necessary order.
  • Any citizen aggrieved with the order of the Appellate Authority or in case of delay in providing the service within the prescribed time limit, may file a revision petition before the Revisional Authority.
  • If the Revisional Authority found that the Designated Officer has failed to provide the service without sufficient and reasonable cause, he/she may impose a penalty against the Designated Officer not exceeding Rs.5000/-.
  • If the Revisional Authority observed that there is delay in providing the service, beyond the stipulated time, he/she may also impose a penalty not exceeding Rs.250/- per each day of delay.
  • The penalty shall be charged from the Designated Officer, Appellate Authority and the concerned subordinate staff, as the case may be and shall be in the proportion, to be decided by the Revisional Authority.
  • However, the Designated Officer, Appellate Authority and subordinate staff, will be given a reasonable opportunity of being heard before any penalty is imposed on him/her.
  • Non-compliance of the order of the Revisional Authority shall amount to misconduct and make such Government servant liable for disciplinary action.

Citizen gets computerized acknowledgement. Citizen can check the status of application at any time and any where (24x7)